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RAF's Approach


RAF is not a research or advocacy actor in itself. As a grant-making fund, our role is to support and facilitate grantee research or advocacy through the following approaches:


Rigorous analysis of the realities of poor people’s access to and experiences of, maternal and newborn health services through operational research is key to scaling up approaches which increase their access to services. RAF also recognises that there is a wealth of existing research and programming experience, both in Pakistan and from other country contexts that can be drawn on. Both of these are key for developing innovative models that address real gaps in a meaningful way.
RAF encourages all research and advocacy activities to be based on a systematic analysis of existing evidence and the changing policy context. We will therefore support proposals for secondary research that aim to draw together existing robust evidence and learning for advocacy purposes.
Advocacy is a critical part of RAF’s mandate. RAF funded advocacy should build upon existing robust evidence to push for scaling up of proven, cost-effective interventions which focus on improving MNH services and access for the poor and marginalised.
RAF recognises the importance of civil society advocacy for holding government and policy-makers accountable for service delivery. Policy change is not enough to improve health outcomes; policy needs to be implemented accountably through interventions that target those most in need. RAF will do so by funding innovative communications, networking and advocacy projects to get key messages out to target audiences with the potential to implement necessary policy and practice reforms.

RAF aims to maximise linkages and synergies between different actors and activities, and will work at national, provincial and district levels to support information sharing, networking and collaboration, through encouraging grantee partnerships and networking. There is a strong emphasis on collaboration throughout RAF’s grant process, with a view to supporting organisations to develop common platforms and speak with one voice, as well as to ensure that duplication of efforts is minimised.

RAF values research and advocacy expertise, as well as deep knowledge of local context. RAF works to support those organisations who have developed good ideas with provision of information and technical assistance to develop strong and inclusive research methodologies and advocacy strategies.
Where appropriate. RAF will also support linkages and partnerships between organisations with complementary skill-sets in order to ensure that funded projects are implemented in a cohesive and well-rounded way.
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