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Guidance for Applicants & Grantees

The following documents have been prepared to provide guidance to RAF's applicants and grantees.  They aim to provide a general overview of RAF's approach towards MNH research and evidence based advocacy, as well as more detailed guidance about the policy environment in Pakistan, and the links between gender inequality and social exclusion and MNH outcomes.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review these documents before preparing/submitting their concept notes. 

1. Poverty, Gender Inequality and Social Exclusion and their Impact on Maternal and Newborn Health In Pakistan - a briefing paper . (Revised July 2012)

2. RAF's Approach to Advocacy - Guidance for Applicants & Grantees. - April 2011 (please note that this is a live document and will be updated bi-annually)

3. Maternal and Newborn Health - The Policy Context in Pakistan .

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